Wajashk Cottages

Your retreat on the majestic French River 

fishing rods

Products Available

We are pleased to sell the following:


    •    Live Bait/Night Crawlers

    •    Ice

    •    Gas & Outboard Motor Oil

    •    Boat Launch & Parking

    •    BBQ Spices & Rubs

    •    Wajashk [Logo] T-Shirts, Baseball Hats, and Coolies

On-site laundry is available Monday-Friday. The washing machine is $3 p/load and the dryer is $2 p/load.


Payment method: Cash/Cheque/Debit/VISA/MasterCard

**Canadian Funds Only** Any cash payments made in US Funds will be accepted at par.


In the Community

Dokis First Nation Library

930 Main Street

Dokis First Nation

Dokis Museum

956 Main Street

Dokis First Nation


Great prices, friendly owners and beautiful location.  Can't ask for anything more for a fishing camp.

Mike McKie


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(May-Oct) Tel: 705-763-2218  |  Email:

Located on the hospitable Dokis First Nation on the beautiful Upper French River. Division 11 in the fishing regulation book.

482 Wajashk Meekun Dokis First Nation

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